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Tamyra Ayles

Tamyra Ayles

Ardmore, OK


I have traveled extensively throughout the United States and have found beauty in my own back yard. Most of my photography is in the state of Oklahoma.

I received my first camera at the age of 15. I have been in love with photography, since my first Instamatic picture was developed. I have advanced from that little Instamatic camera I strive to control every aspect of my photography, and capture more that just a picture. I try to capture more that what is seen with just my eye. I try to capture the feeling of the location, the scents that permeated the air and the sounds that I hear, when I quietly listen.

I come by my photographic roots naturally. My father was a photographer. I remember him spending hours in his basement darkroom. I was always fascinated with that dark room, dimly lit by a red light. He would enter the room with a roll of film and emerge with wet pictures hanging from a wire to dry. Today, I enter a brightly lit room with a small card that I put in my computer to "develop" my photographs. I may still burn and dodge my photographs, but using a different technique

I am reminded, on every photographic outing.........God that created the scene, I just operate the camera.


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